Grow Your Own Wild Flower Kit

This modern concrete planter set captures the beauty of wildflowers and makes a great gift for budding gardeners.

Just add water to the soil disk inside each kit and watch as it magically expands. Put the soil into the concrete planter, sprinkle on wildflower seeds and wait for the magic to

The set also includes a paper planter to protect the seeds and a wooden plant stick for labelling. Everything is neatly packaged in a natural brown box, tied with twine and dried flowers with a ‘beautiful flowers go untamed’ sticker on the outside.

This is the perfect gift for bohemian nature lovers in need of some light gardening.


Wildflower seeds - these will vary slightly from set to set
Wooden plant stick
Paper planter
Soil disk

Add Hand poured concrete planter using drop down.

Box size H18cm x W15cm x D11
Planter size H7cm x W6cm x D0.5cm