Make Your Own Concrete Planter

This stylish concrete planter kit brings you the unique experience of working with a great raw material to make your very own homewares.

Inspired by industrial design, this craft kit for adults includes moulds, as well as everything else you need to make a modern planter. It makes a fantastic gift for any craft lover who appreciates modern interiors - and dirty hands!

Inside each kit

- concrete mix

- gloves

- mask

- moulds

- sand paper

- wooden mixer

- Instructions

The kit comes in a high quality, natural Kraft box with a beautiful palette of colourful labels to identify each item. Gloves, box and packaging bags are all environmentally friendly.

Concrete isn’t a suitable material for children, so this kit is just for the grown ups. One of the beauties of this raw material is that it’s never completely uniform. Natural air bubbles will form as you pour, making everything you make totally unique.


made from:

Concrete, sand, paper, wood and plasic.


Box size - D20cm x W20cm x H10cm

Finished planter H9cm x W7cm x D1.5cm

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